Sunday, December 25, 2011

Homemade: Red Dress

This dress was my final project for my sewing class.  I thought it would be festive to wear on Christmas.  I did not like it at first, but now it is growing on me.  To me, it is a bit loose in areas and the arm bands sometimes feel tight around my arms.  When I was tailoring it, I had to take it in two sizes.  Everything was way off in the patterns measurements.  I do not like using patterns, they ususally have odd sizes.  I really like that I added pockets too, they are so convenient.  Red is also very in style this season.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

-I was a little cold today so I wore my dress with these boots.  They are so comfortable and probably a bad fashion statement, but whatever.

-This is a ceramic Christmas tree my Mom made for her mother one Christmas.  I love it.  The picture on the left is not lite and the one on the left is.  The colors are so pretty.

-I like the dress better with heels.

 -I got these fabulous earrings I got from an antique store downtown.  They are so retro and vintage.  The only downfall is they make my ears swell because I am allergic to the metal.

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