Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cat Eye Eye-Liner

I put this crazy thick blackness on my lids before work the other day.  I thought it may have been a bit much, but I really like it.  I am planning on doing it again sometime soon.  Cat eye's are so 60's retro, and trendy, but I actually consider them a classic now.  Things become classic when they become a trend alot, honestly I forget how many times it has to go through the fashion cycle, possibly 15 times before it is a classic.  Do not quote me on that and correct me if you know what it really is.  Anyway, here is what my make-up looked like this past week.  I never realized my eyes are seriously different colors, crazy.

 -I just did minimal make-up for the rest of my face.  I wanted the eye-liner to stand out and not make it complicated by adding lipstick.


  1. These eyes are looking very pretty. I never tried to create cat eyes. Thanks for suggesting the eyeliner.

  2. Thank you. I have been doing my eyes like this everyday now. I am a bit obsessed.