Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dsquared2 Pre-fall 2012

Well today, I am in the process of creating a diy project.  I will definitely share it when I finish, hopefully tomorrow.  Other than that, I have been a bit of a debbie downer today.  Not so fun, I am in a funk.  Anyway...  How do I exactly pull myself out of this funk?  Well simply by remembering that pre-fall 2012 lines have been coming out, and where have I been?  In a funk.  Let me begin by saying, how excited I am and always am when new lines come out.  I obsess over lines and fabrics, colors, cuts and designs.  I think I am definitely in the right profession to continue to enjoy this obsession.  I am also constantly thinking, planning and discovering what it exactly is in certain lines that draws me in.  Dean and Dan Caten, also known as Dsquared2 constantly draw me in.  They have a bad or naughty girl vibe.  The girls always clean cut, but yet ever so slightly rough around the edges.  They design for girls.  I know it sounds like a ridiculous statement; of course they design for girls, but they really design for girls different shapes, while making sure the cut of the garment and the fabric will also be complimentary to a girls figure.  They use simple styling, and their looks can usually been worn right off the runway...sometimes.  In this particular line for pre-fall 2012 the colors are bright, the hemlines are short, and a vibe of ever subtle mod looks loom in the photographs.  I love how the girl models, with a little shitty smirk on her face, which just says..."Yes, I am better than you and I look damn good too."

 -Could someone even look bad in either of the dresses below?

 This outfit below, blows my mind.  I really like it.

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