Monday, December 5, 2011

The Black Keys Inspired Fashions "Psychotic Girl"

I have posted before about how I believe music inspires fashion.  The Black Keys are an amazing band that is currently inspiring me.  They have a 60's sound and drum beats, mixed with soul, blues, rock, briliant lyrics and guitar licks to elaborate and paint the picture of what is being told.  All of these blend together to create an eclectic mix of simply magical music.  I absolutely can fall in love and lose myself in there music and any music that can do that, is music for me.  Here are some outfits inspired by "The Black Keys" specifically the song "Pshychotic Girl," which I was listening to when I found these pictures.  I like the dark sound to it, and imagined a girl who was tough and pretty kick-butt.  She would probably rock some lace up boots, torn t-shirts and of course the ever daunting black trench coat, maybe even some cool jewelery, if necessary.  Here is the song below, it make more of an impact if you listen and look.  The clothes are all from Urban Outfitters!

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