Saturday, September 10, 2011

White for Spring 2012 trend

Happy fashion week to all, next to Christmas this is my favorite time of year.  I was flipping through a few fashion lines on (my personal favorite site for updates); I saw a lot of white, or very light pastels, so light in fact they are verging on white.  I still like many of them but am not a big fan of white and I do not really know why, maybe that will change as I keep looking.  Here are some highlights of the white that is in nearly every collection thus far.  Take note of how there are so many belts around the models waist, yet another trend.  I LOVE FASHION WEEK!!!!
The Row (Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen)
 Cynthia Rowley
 Doo. Ri
(Her whole line is practically white)
 Jason Wu
 Luca Luca 
(A ton of white throughout the whole collection)
 Mandy Coon
 United Bamboo

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