Monday, September 19, 2011

Outerwear from Forever 21

Today during a break at school, my sister, my Mom and I all went to Forever 21, just for fun.  My Mom got me two adorable $1.50 necklaces, one a silver spoon, the other a gold fork.  I like how the two clash a bit, yet they go together so well.  As we were walking around I found an amazing sequined hoodie which I just love.  I get obsessed with the oddest things and I love this hoodie.  They had it on display with a jean vest over it and a cute t-shirt under all of it; so cute.  I also found a ton of adorable leather jackets and fell in love with a red one, which had all of these little metal studs on it.  The red leather and studs reminded me so much of last years Balmain fall line so much.  If you need new clothes then I suggest heading out to Forever 21, they have great sales and plenty of cute items.

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