Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazing Jewelry from Etsy Accounts!!

Yesterday, I began my post by saying how much I enjoy creative people.  Today, I want to continue yesterdays post by showing more etsy accounts which have amazingly creative jewelry.
This brooch below is from "Hairy Sock," which has jewelry pieces which are made of clay.  Not only are the pieces cute, but they are subtle statement pieces.  
Next are my favorite pieces from "Lost Apostle."  These items are exactly my style.  They are different, weird and kind of scary.
 I really like "Day of the Dead" things, they remind me of Tim Burton movies.

These items are from "Zephora."  I am a big fan of the really cute little accessories, they are fun conversation pieces.

The freakiest for last.  These amazingly intricate necklaces and pendents are from "Twistedsistercrafts."  I am amazed at how real the eyes look, definitely a great statement piece!



  1. Lovely pieces.

    Emma x