Monday, June 13, 2011

Lanvin Resort 2012

As I sit at my computer, preparing to type about the Lanvin Resort 2012; a picture of Alber Elbaz is staring at me from my cork-board.  I have posted picture of him from an editorial that was done several years ago in Vogue.  I love the little picture of him with his suit that is a bit out of sorts and of course he is wearing his signature bow tie.  The picture is great, but it also provides me with inspiration everyday, as I hope that one day I may be as great of a fashion designer as he is.  (I like to dream big.)  I often find myself thinking that his line Lanvin could not get any better, yet each season it does; Resort 2012 is no exception to this rule.  The line is stunning, with glamour, bright colors, it just has everything!  He just gets better and better, which I always thought was impossible, but not for Mr. Alber Elbaz.  This line takes you on a roller coaster of beauty and just when you think that there is nothing that could surprise you anymore, he introduced a few children's pieces into the line.  I do not know what else to say, other than he is a genius!!!!  There are so many pieces in the line, it was hard to pick the good ones.  To bad all of them are the good ones.

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