Monday, June 27, 2011

Urban Outfitters Biggest Sale Ever

Last night I opened my e-mail to see "BIGGEST SALE EVER," and as a bargain shopper, I just about had a heart attack.  Though I am trying to save money for the up and coming school year and my sisters wedding, I still had to go and see what I was missing.  I began by perusing through the items in the store that were not on sale and made my way to the back right where the items were on sale.  There were several racks in a row beggining with a sign that said "29.99 or less."  I was surprised and delighted to see that several of the items were in fact much less than the advertised "29.99."  I had to keep reminding myself that I was not going to spend anything, that is until I found the rack labeled "4.99."  I tried to contain my excitement, but let out a louder than planned "Hell Yeah!"  I looked around quickly after to see that no one had heard me lose my cool for a moment.  I love v-necks and the "4.99" rack was full of them and in more than 10 colors.  True to my style I bought a gray one.  V-necks are so easy to dress up and down, I would definitly consider them a staple in my closet.  Seriously though, best and biggest sale, and definitly worth the visit.  I found several other items that have seriously depreciated in price, but not style!  Here are some great finds.
Remember this fabulous dress that was $50 (now $29.99) inspired by Marc Jacobs spring 2011?

 I have always wanted a pair of Jeffrey Cambell shoes and one day in my life I will own a pair.
This pair was 50% off meaning they were only about $55, because they were a size 9 and the last pair.  This has been the only time in life I have wanted bigger feet.
$14.99 shoes

$9.99 t-shirts


Have fun shopping and let me know if you find anything great, (which you will.)

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