Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am not the best sketcher to begin with, but still, I enjoy doing it just to make sure that I do not forget one of my many ideas.  These are two sketches that I made last night after playing for a bit with fabrics.  The first sketch is what I want to add to my maxi skirt.  I realized that it just does not look right, so I may just add a top and easily turn it into a maxi dress that is still stylish.  Though in my sketch it looks a little more evening, it is really made of all cotton.  The second is an idea that I really am not that sure about.  I have been really into the fitted corset tops, which are in style this season.  I have an old pair of jeans for the top that I was considering or something else completely, not sure yet.  The skirt is also a big maybe, as the fabric I want to use is actually an old button down top, that may not be enough fabric.  Still, what do you think?

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