Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diesel Black Gold Resort 2012

Anytime that there is an abundant amount of fashion shows in a row, I get super excited.  It is at these times that I am found sitting in front of my computer for a few hours going through every line.  I absolutely love fashion.  I like to pick out my favorite lines and document them on my blog, of course, also known as my personal "Fashion Journal."  Here is one of those favorite lines of the Resort 2012 season, from Diesel Black Gold.  Diesel is definitely known to create garments that have an edge or a grunge flair.  This Resort 2012 line is much more subdued, considering the earth tones.  I love to see something different from designers every so often, and this collection definitely delivers.
This first dress is perfection!  The cut is perfect, the belt is perfect, and the colors are perfect!  My absolute favorite for sure!
 This outfit looks like it is off of lookbook.  I like how Diesel stays current to what the bloggers and fashionistas are wearing.

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