Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rodarte Spring 2012

I probably gush way to much on my blog about how much I love things.  I guess blogs are for, gushing and sharing your opinion with others; so that is exactly what I will do.  Rodarte usually has really great pieces in their collections, which are structured yet flow.  They always have such great color palettes, make-up and hair.  I am a big fan especially of this line.  I remember I first fell in love with Rodarte when I saw their Fall 2010 line.  I loved the colors and the corpse bride feel to it.  I think I like this Spring 2012 line so much because it brings me back to the dark corpse bride, or Tim Burton feel of the Fall 2010 line.  I really like the dark romanticism this line has.  Kate and Laura's inspiration came from colors in Sleeping Beauty and Vincent van Gogh, though it sounds like an odd mix; it is nothing short of genius.  The colors, fit, flow, hair and make-up are all just perfect.  A really fabulous line and one of my favorites thus far.  I probably posted way to many pictures, but hey...they are all really great.
All of the pictures are from

 I will take one of each please.  They are my favorite dresses ever, simply gorgeous.

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