Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jeff Koon + Kidrobot (Mini Balloon Figurines)

This is pretty much un-related to fashion, but it is art the thing that drives fashion.  I find it funny to read about a famous artist who is featured in Vogue, yet when you look them up on the internet, bloggers and critics tear them apart.  I like Jeff Koon's art, though many suggest he has no talent and inappropriate hidden messages throughout his art, which are usually sexually based.  I enjoy the simplicity, size and perfection of his art; which Koon's himself explains has no hidden messages.  What ever happened to honesty in art like Koon's?  Perhaps it is possible to make a beautiful piece of art that is just literal and does not have a hidden meaning.  I think art, specifically modern art, lends our minds to search for more than what one sees.  We must answer the inspiration of the piece and what it is, create a story and find the true meaning.  Perhaps Koon is just a literal man, making literal art and for that, I thank him.  I am a fan no matter what others say.
     Now that I am done rambling, on to my point.  Urban Outfitters is selling products by kidrobot (which I also wrote about a few weeks ago here!), inspired by Jeff Koons.  As previously stated I am a fan, thus rather excited about these adorably small (3") figures for only $8.  Though my room highly lacks room for any more knickknacks, I can still enjoy looking at them right.  They are like have a major piece of art shrunk down just for your daily viewing.

 Jeff Koons


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