Saturday, October 1, 2011

Junya Wantanabe Spring 2012

If you are a reader of my blog than you know I am partial to liking garments which make a statement or start a conversation.  This is one of the reasons every season I find myself looking for designers like Junya Wantanabe, Viktor & Rolf (who also has an amazing spring line, which I will have to post later), or even Giles Deacon, Alexander McQueen, etc.  All of these designers push the limits of ready to wear fashion by exagerrating portions, fabrics, colors, cut and fits of garments to make pieces that are chic, beautiful and make a statement.  Junya Wantanabe every season layers fabrics and I mean layers them to create interesting garments that are actually chic but in a different way.  I know that main stream fashion may not follow his style that much, but his pieces I can imagine find their ways into magazine editors closets or the fashionistas or are not afraid to take a risk.
     Junya Wantanabe's Spring collection first of all has great trench coats and little jackets.  I like all of the ruffles on the red and blue mini trench coats.  This from the girl who hates ruffles, frills and lace.  I really like how he used color and the placement of the ruffles, which actually create pleasing shapes and good fit.  As for the lace, the color and fit is interesting and pretty.  He definitely kept to his aesthetic with some of the folded, layered and draped black skirts, yet he offered something new and innovative as always.  Do not even get me started on those beautiful headpieces.  If I could wear one of those daily without looking like a crazy person I would.  Though, probably not a good piece to wear during hunting season.  LOVE THE SHOES TOO (of course).  The shoes do have a bit of creepers in them.  I am excited to read the actual review of his line on where these pictures are from too. I also posted a whole bunch of pictures because they are all so good.

 I love the large collar below and the play on proportion with the sleeves above.


  1. Such pretty dresses.

    Emma x

  2. I know, I would honestly wear them all the time. They look very easy to wear and comfortable.