Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Love Crafty

I am back after a two day break from the blog, by that I mean I have been incredibly busy,thus I am stressed and because of all of that, I am lacking in the sleep.  Anyway, I finally managed to catch up on reading my usual blogs.  As you all know I am quite the jewelry fanatic, especially the statement pieces.  Thank you to a blog that I follow now beautyandrags.blogspot.com, Emma featured ilovecrafty.co.uk.  I Love Crafty has the cutest jewelry similar to some of the etsy accounts I have previously featured.  Here are some pictures of my favorites.  My absolute favorite is the necklace that beautyandrags.blogspot.com is giving away.  Super cute and freaky, seriously I would wear it on a daily basis.

 This is the necklace below that is for the giveaway. LOVE IT!


  1. Wow love it! :P i love the stuff xD
    great post xx


  2. Thank you! I really like your blog, lovely make-up.