Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Trend Capes and Ponchos

This is one trend in which I plan to avoid.  On a case to case basis, I find it comfortable to wear a garment with no shape or fit.  I tend to do this in the comfort of my home in a massive sweatshirt.  I am not sure however, I would wear a poncho or cape in public.  Perhaps, it reminds me to much of Dracula, or my childhood.  I remember my Mom made my sister wear a white knitted poncho.  I remember her hands stuck out of the poncho; as a young girl, I did not see the point or purpose to such a garment.  When my sister grew out of it, guess who got it, that would be me.  I did not like that poncho, and it did not even keep me warm.  Perhaps I am just haunted by bad memories.  Will you wear a poncho this season?
 Yves Saint Laurent

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