Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jeremy Scott X Swatch

I enjoy when people violate norms of fashion, this is probably why I am such a fan of Jeremy Scott.  He continuously violates fashion norms of classic clothing and turns his lines of shoes, clothes and now watches into something that is extraordinary, beautiful, and quite the statement.  I have posted about X Swatch before and a collaboration they did with Kid Robot (which I also posted about two days ago in Jeff Koon's post).  This time X Swatch paired up with Jeremy Scott to create amazingly colorful and just awesome watches.  One was inspired by Dali, a legendary artist.  I really like these watches and it is a great  collaboration.  I got these pictures from, where they gave away some of these watches this past Friday.


  1. I love Jeremy Scott! These watches are so cute and cheerful as well!

    Emma x

  2. I know, he is one of my favorite designers.