Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recycled Oversized Clutches and Bags

     A little while ago I had posted pictures of vinyl clutches and bags that I had made from my jobs old advertising signs.  I finished them a few days after I got an order for four of them.  I decided to make six bags so the "client" who ordered them could pick which one she liked best.  She looked at all of them and quickly said I will take them all.  I was in shock, but extremely excited to make one of my first major sales ever.  I am so happy.  I still have to work on improving one of the bags because though she was happy with it, it still needs a strap and to be made a little more sturdy.  I cannot wait to get more of these vinyl signs in September when we switch them out again.  Here are some of the different designs I came up with.  Let me know what you think or which is your favorite!

-The big bags!  I love this avocado bag, the grommets give it a nice touch.

 -This one still needs a strap.


  1. I like all the cluches to my heart but i like the most one which is having green vegetables printed on the outerside .
    oversized clutch bags

  2. Thank you. I actually liked how that one turned out too.