Friday, August 17, 2012

Purple Eyes and a Orange Sky...

     What can I say, I am quite the fan of make-up.  I just think it is fun to put on and wear; it gives me more of a personal style.  My goal everyday is to make it different from every other day.  I am constantly changing colors, thickness and darkness of eyeleiner, or I may just not even wear make-up.  The other day I did my eyes with a ton of purple.  It was actually really bright and hard to miss.  My customers gave me some weird looks, but I seriously do not care, I loved it.  Later that afternoon, the sky was this weird orange color.  It seemed to turn everything orange, even the air seemed orange.  I have never seen anything like that before and had to take pictures to share.  Enjoy, and I hope everyone is having a great Friday!  The weekend is here!!!

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