Sunday, August 5, 2012

Arm Warmers?

I am back from a short family vacation.  I felt like I was gone for so long and that is honestly the best feeling.  I have missed my little laptop because at the last minute I decided I did not want to travel with my laptop in this extreme heat and a cramped up little car.  It may get hurt.  The good news is I am back to blogging.  Yay!  I have updated myself on the blogs I follow and found on the nylon blog a short article under their "good idea or bad idea" section which is my favorite.  This time it was asking if it was a good or bad idea for the "return of the arm warmer?"  I can't believe it, but I actually like the idea.  I do not like it for summer though.  Especially, as this past week has been in the high 90's; I cannot possibly imagine wearing shorts, a tank top and arm warmers.  I would look like a crazy person.  However, for winter I am all about this trend and actually hope it catches on.  My old sweaters now are about to be recycled and serve a purpose.  Net-a-porter sells arm warmers for close to $75.  That is crazy, when you can make them yourself.  The pictures below are from

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