Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I want but can't justify buying...

     I had a fantastic day today!  I spent the whole day shopping with my Mom and sister at crafts stores an amazing jewelry store and eating my first meal in 7 days after recovering from a very terrible sickness.  I have plenty of fun pictures to post, but today I wanted to post about something else first.  Did you ever get crazy ideas in your head about random things that you want, but just can't exactly justify buying?  Well, I for sure do.  Here are some of my must haves, but maybe not because why would I need them?  
A jumper 
(Not the english version of a jumper, but like the kind I wore to Catholic school; only more modern.)
 -Topshop $72
-Topshop $80
 -American Apparel $88

A boat dress 
-I do not know who made this, or why it exists, but what girl doesn't need a boat dress?

Purple Lipstick
-Well, it is not really to in style anymore, mainly because it was a big trend last year, but still why not?  This is a link to Keiko Lynn's blog.  She always has perfect make-up and this lipstick is awesome on her!
 Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011


  1. Lovely picks! I love the dungarees!

    Emma x