Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Girls Day!

     I mentioned in my last post that I had a fantastic shopping day with my Mom and sister and thought I would post all of the fun pictures from our day together.  We started our day by going to a small boutique called Swoon that is literally outside my sister and husbands apartment window.  She is so lucky to live so close to such a great boutique.  Later we ate at a  pub, went to Charming Charlie, then went back to my sisters apartment to sample pastries we got at a small bagel shop.  I have never been to a Charming Charlie store before.  I told my co-workers about it and they were all amazed I have never heard of it.  It is such a fun place that has so much awesome cheap, but still great jewelry.  I was shaking with delight as I shopped!
 -Here is the view of Swoon from my sisters window.

-These are only two of the several items I bought from Charming Charlie.

-PASTRIES :D and of course coffee.

-I had to share two of my favorite pictures from my sisters apartment.  Her decorating is absolutely amazing, so cheerful, welcoming and cozy.  I love this green table below and remember when I bought it with my sister one time when I went to visit; such a happy fun time.  She is always so entertaining and hilarious!
 -This wall is perfection and nobody can tell me otherwise.

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