Sunday, April 14, 2013

Denim, stop making me love you!

Spring Trend - Denim in jeans

Emma Roberts lunch with some friends at E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

Look of the Day: Stripes & Boyfriend Jeans

Look of the Day: Stripes & Boyfriend Jeans by mychanel featuring 10 crosby derek lam

Oh, I do love you so...

     Denim, stop making me love you!  It is quite apparent as you flip through a fashion magazine, or scroll through a fashion website that denim has made a comeback.  Yes, jean pants have always been in style but now even denim pencil skirts, overalls, denim dresses, button downs, hats and even shoes are showing up everywhere!  I want it all.  Perhaps, I am feeling nostalgic as I remember the dreaded photo of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake at American Music Awards in 2001, when the pair both wore full coordinating denim outfits.  Scary, but in a way it was also fantastic.  Instead of fearing this trend, I feel I must embrace it, and regret it later when I look back and say, "Did I really wear that?"  If you are like me and plan to embrace everything denim here are some ideas!  Happy Denim Days Readers!
-I love this care-free style by Free People!
 -Rihanna is embracing the full denim look, but she pulls it off quite nice.
 -Miranda Kerrr is also embracing the full denim look...
 -Along with model Karlie Kloss, who is also wearing all denim.  Like Rihanna,  Karlie breaks the all denim look up with some leather.
-Or you could just mix other items and colors with denim and still look cute.

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