Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Trend: Super Reflective Sunglasses

     I am personally not typically a big fan of styles like the reflective sunglasses, but must admit that at my job we have gotten in some adorable, fun and tasteful reflective lensed sunglasses.  The aviator Ray-Bans with the foggy clear frames, being the most popular and sold out in about two days.  I am not a fan of Ray-Bans because I think they fit weird and are way over-priced.  The Ray-Ban company also recently increased there prices anywhere from $5 to $50 on almost all of their styles.  Crazy!  Anyway, I do admit that the aviator ones I just spoke of are pretty awesome.  Here are some other awesome styles and brands.
-They have two walls of reflective cheap sunglasses at Target.  They are all pretty awesome, or if you want to invest, then there are more options below.

-Dsquared2 $225
 -Aviator Ray-Bans

-Here is a Nylon Tv video that shows awesome styles for both my post yesterday which was all about denim, and it shows the cool Ray-Ban aviators.  Not the lame Ray-Bans that everyone wears.

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