Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blue, Black and Gold

     Good morning, and happy Sunday to all!  I am currently enjoying a cup of coffee and attempting to wake up after a very late sewing night and long day at work.  The fun never ends.  The other week I kept checking out looks from different runways from this past season and l found that I love all the designers who used bright blue eyeliner.  I think it is a fun trend, yet still very chic.  While most people would have gone for a nice soft powder blue, I of course wanted something ridiculously bright.  I found this electric blue eyeliner as it is named by NYX.  You have to love NYX it is well priced and they have fantastic make-up.  I know Nars also offers a bright blue eye shadow in this same color.  Of course you can always use an eye shadow as an eyeliner by wetting an eyeliner brush and just putting a little on your brush at a time.  Have to love it.  I also complimented my bright blue eyeliner by doing a bright gold underneath my eye.  Then wore bright gold bracelets and carried around my gold studded wallet.  With all the brightness I wore neutral colors to help make the crazier colors stand out.

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