Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Inspiration and Blue Eyeliner!

     I was off today and had planned on sewing, instead I was attempting to fix a skirt I made which was just ugly.  People may have liked it, but it was just very unflattering.  In an attempt to fix it, I realized that all inspiration had been brutaly sucked out of me somehow.  I even had coffee today and coffee usually gives me the highest amount of energy and inspiration.  So what happens when I have no ideas all of a sudden?  I go to Barnes & Noble bookstore to read magazines, books and look at art.  I came home with so many ideas that I had to scribble them all down as quickly as I possibly could.  I love having fresh inspiration.  A new trend that I did discover in the several glossy magazines I looked through was blue eyeliner.  Starting tomorrow, I shall begin to abuse this trend. Can't wait!  I think it looks modern, yet the look still offers a throw back to the 60's, or 70's depending how it is styled.  Happy Inspiring Tuesday To Me!
Anna Sui Fall 2012
-Altuzarra Spring 2013 
-Moshino Cheap & Chic
-Michael Kors Spring 2013
-Stella McCartney Spring 2013

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