Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clueless Fashion Inspiration!

     Did you ever wake up with an 80's or 90's song stuck in your head, then begin to reminisce on the good ol' days.  Okay, so I am a 90's baby but I still can enjoy 80's music and think about what the 80's were like right?  Anyway, I love the movie clueless (which is a 90's movie) and always thought to myself, when I get in high school I am going to wear all plaid mini skirts and knee or over the knee socks.  I actually never did that in high school, but now I am obsessed with over the knee socks.  I still do not own an all plaid mini skirt and blazer, maybe one day I will.  I love the style of high socks with little booties or heels.  I know I am behind on this trend as it was very popular last season.  I still think it is in style though especially where I live because the whole area is really behind on fashion sometimes. Here are some fun little pictures from the past.  You have to love Cher's and Dionne's (or Dee's) style.

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