Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping Finds and Make-up

I was supposed to post about the second thing on my list of "Emily's things to accomplish,"which was to sew something.  Instead, my day 2 of getting thing accomplished turned into a fun day of shopping and lunch with my Mom.  You cannot beat that.  I stopped by Sephora the other day and bought beautiful sparkly eyeshadow and my shopping day with my Mom, I bought a beautiful diamond ring (fake of course).  I love my costume jewelry!  I have to say, I still feel like accomplished something, because these were things that I really have wanted and had been looking for.  My list as usual has been switched around a bit and this time it is fine with me; totally worth a fun day with my Mom.
 -Sephora brand eyeshadow.

-I used gold, yellow and the orange to create this look.  It turned out looking very natural and beach ready.

 -Now for my new best friend.

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