Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Candice Gordon Music/ Selena Gomez in Alice & Olivia

Yay for internet service!  I always say I never want to depend on any type of technology, but for the past two days I have unexpectedly not had any internet.  I realized I do depend on the internet too much.  It is quite addicting and so much fun to play on.  I am happy to be back online!
     The first thing I want to share is a music video by Candice Gordon.  This particular album or song does not come out until September 7.  I do not think I can wait that long.  I found this video on nylonmag, and did not like it at first listen.  I kept singing it in my head about a billion times and now I am obsessed.  This song and video are just badass and I am loving it.  The only way to see the video though, is to click the nylonmag link.  Enjoy!
   Now onto fashion, I love this simple yet chic look that Selena Gomez wore.  I like fashion that looks laid back but still has that high fashion flair to it.  The top is by Alice & Olivia.

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