Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puddles and Price

I recently received the sweetest e-mail from the writers of the blog  Sampson and Lorrie the creators of this site, are always creating something new and amazing.  I always need some creative inspiration and their blog is perfect for it!  They also have an etsy account (, where they create needlework pieces, adorable little felt horses and my personal favorite, art prints.  I love fashion illustrations or art pieces and always love to post the new little illustrations that I find.  Sampson and Lorrie's art prints have an adorable vintage flair, my favorite of course.  They are simply precious and affordable.  I love how all of the pictures have a cute little animal in them, you have to love it!
-I love this bathing suit and the cute little cat with glasses.

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  1. Emily, this post is so sweet! Thank you so much for featuring us...we LOVE it! Many happy wishes to you for a wonderful day :)

    ~Sampson and Lorrie
    Puddles & Price