Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY: Vintage Styled Bow Headband

This past week I attempted to do something creative each day.  After picking up a few extra hours at work, other errands and a day spent at the pool, my week was quite full.  The first day I cleaned my disaster of a sewing area.  I organized every thread spool, every scrap of fabric and everything else.  I found great fabric combinations which were quite inspiring for some new projects.  Day 2, I needed to spend more time cleaning and organizing my sewing area.  Day 3, I went shopping, which is creative I guess.  I bought a beautiful fake diamond ring and sparkly eyeshadow.  Both things I have wanted for a while and was quite pleased to finally find them.  I got both of these items for a great deal.  Day 4/5 were spent creating a DIY which I am about to share with you.  I hope that I am able to really make a plan this week and begin creating something incredibly awesome and special to share with all of you.  For now here is my new headband which I am just obsessed with.
     I know so many people who have old oversized t-shirts.  I never throw clothes out.  I make it my personal challenge to create something different with it.  I created a top out of an old t-shirt a while back and saved the short sleeves.  Since I am just an odd person, I put the sleeve on my head and realized it looked awesome as a headband.  I decided to turn the old short sleeve into this fun vintage headband.  If you have an old t-shirt cut off the sleeves, find some scrap fabric that is 15X10 and have fun.  Here is how to...
Things you will need...
-a sleeve or stretchy fabric
-scrap cotton fabric for the bow
-coffee (not necessary really, but my coffee always finds its way into my pictures)
-Cut a rectangle out of the bow fabric that is 15" by 10"
-Fold in half.
-Sew using a 1/2" seam allowance.

-Press seam open.
-Fold the fabric in half again to create the picture below.  Then pin and sew, leaving a small opening to flip the fabric right side out.

-Flip right side out to get the picture below.
-You can use a machine or hand sew the hole that is left.
-Turn the exposed seam to the inside.
-Cut another piece of fabric 4"X2". Sew using 1/2" seam allowance and flip right side out to get the picture below.
-Wrap tightly around the bow and pin.
-You may hand sew or use the machine to sew as close to the bow as possible.
-Next trim the sleeve down to the size you would like, depending on the size of your head.
-Next tuck the bow inside your sleeve and sew.
-Then you are ready to wear.  I took pictures on my computer because it does not show how bad my sunburn actually is.  Well, actually you can still see it on my shoulder, oops.

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