Friday, March 9, 2012

Vintage Styled Bikini's from

I am aware it is only March and I am posting pictures of swimsuits.  Though, hot weather is slowly creeping up on me; this Friday is supposed to be 80 degrees.  I always get excited for summer because of the late nights, great swims, good tans, fun with friends and most of all time to enjoy life and work is also more fun in the summer.  As another summer is approaching I find that I am still really into vintage swimwear.  Who isn't?  I get tired of the string bikinis that have no coverage or support, I guess that is the point of a string bikini though... Anyway, here are some classy bikinis from  They are super expensive, but I am beginning to think they are worth it.
Classic Colors

Pop of Color
 Polka Dots

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