Friday, March 30, 2012

Pablo Piccaso

There are many people who describe modern art as not being art; I happen to love modern art.   Believe it or not, it is very hard to achieve a successful concept or piece in contemporary art.  The placement of every object has to be perfectly placed to properly portray the artists concept or idea.  My art class has currently started working on modern art or contemporary art.  I am quite intrigued.  I love things that take me a little bit to understand or that I have to think about.  This is probably why I enjoy the cubist distorted paintings that Picasso created.  I also have an appreciation for his art because he is also amazing at realism.  The realist painting is the first picture below.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Unlike his realist creations, his cubist paintings have the most amazing use of color and line.  He is a seriously talented man.  This post does not have to much to do with fashion but, art loves fashion and fashion loves art.
-Pablo Picasso, Realism

-This piece below is one I took a picture of when it was in a museum near my home.  I was so excited to see a Picasso in real life.  

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