Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Patterns

First of all Happy Saint Patricks Day to all!  I hope that everyone had a great and safe day.  Today, instead of celebrating Saint Patty's Day, I spent my whole day making patterns at school.  Believe it or not it was actually kind of fun.  I got a lot of work done to help take some of the large amount of stress off.  Yay.  I  also took lots of pictures to share the process.  I was working on a pattern for a tier skirt and  a pattern for a dress I am making, which is a large part of my grade.  No pressure...right?
 -Can I fit anymore pins in this pin cushion?
 -The dressforms.
 -Listening to the Strokes amongst several other bands.
 -What a tier skirt looks like; this is my teachers example.
 -Making the tier skirt pattern.
 -Success all 12 pieces...COMPLETE!! :)
 -The next process.

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