Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jeremy Scott and New Era

     We all know how much I love how eclectic or even eccentric Jeremy Scott can be.  I find such inspiration and admiration for his designs and his wonderful mind which helps him to create these one of a kind pieces.  I am also a big fan of all of his collaborations with other designers, especially Nike.  Now he has created amazing one of a kind hats or actually they are called snapbacks.  I was unaware of this terminology.  I usually here those people who use the word "bro" or "brah" in regular conversation refer to the hats as "lids."  I however, am not a bro and refer to them as hats or now snapbacks.  Back to the point I was trying to make... Jeremy Scott has paired up with New Era to take a new approach to the snapback.  Instead of placing a sports team or making it sports colors, they include a snapback with a black shiny vinyl croc print, one with an ostrich skin finish, snake print, tassels, and a one representing a dollar bill.  What an odd mix, I love it!  Of course, the only down side is this line is meant for men, but hey I can still wear one....right?

For sure, they are some tubular lids brah.  I should never type that sentence again. 

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