Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Urban Outfitters Summer Video/ What I have been up to.

     It is almost summer break.  This Friday is my last day of school.  I have a major presentation that day of my final dress for my draping class.  I am currently attempting to finish it and make it look as perfect as I possibly can.  I will have to post it when I am done.  I feel like I have so many pictures that I need to post and I will very soon.  I wanted to say I will be back to posting everyday again beginning after Friday!  I miss constantly blogging, but I have just been so incredibly busy with school stuff.  I cannot wait for a break!
     Here is a link to the Urban Outfitters video for this summer.  My little catalog just came in the mail and I cannot wait to look at it.  vimeo.com

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