Friday, May 18, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013

I was browsing and clicked to view the Chanel Resort 2013 line.  I was expecting the usual class and elegance that comes with the Chanel line; that is exactly what I go,t only this time with a bit of hip-hop style incorporated.  This has to be one of my favorite Chanel lines.  If someone told me a line exists that incorporates victorian style into a modern hip-hop style, I would probably laugh and expect to see the worst collection ever.  Instead, Karl Lagerfeld has created an incredibly innovative collection which I believe will be spoken about for years to come.  I love his play with proportion in the waist, resembling the large underskirts which were popularized in 1775.  This line incorporates both classic and signature items of the Chanel line with new twists.  It is absolutely amazing and truly a sensational line!
Here are my favorites.
-I must say the styling is so beautiful.  I love the hair and make-up.

 -He can come water plants at my house anytime.

 -Karl Lagerfeld- the genius behind this gorgeous line!

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