Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Dressed this Week Lily Collins, Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Richie

     Well, it was another incredibly busy week.  I still cannot wait for summer and to be free.  I do have more pictures to show of the creation of my dress (the bow dress).  I have to fix the hem on it though before I share.  I thought the hem was a disaster, but my professor disagreed and said it looked fine.  I was happy she liked it, considering she is the one who is grading it.
     Here are some pictures from this week of three dresses that I absolutely love.  Stars failed at dressing properly this week; other than these three.  Many of them did not match or they wore incredibly crazy things, and not the good crazy that I like.
-Lily Collins in Zac Posen
-This dress is so different, but I really have to say that I like it.
 -Jennifer Hudson (I have no idea who makes the dresses for these bottom two pictures.)  They are both gorgeous though.
 -Nicole Richie 
-I love these colors and print.

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  1. Nicole looks beautiful!

    Emma x