Friday, March 29, 2013

Fabric Shopping and Miserable Sickness

     Unfortunately, I have a terrible sickness and am posting from my bed.  I feel I have to do something instead of just laying here.  I can't wait to get better because I have been quite busy with receiving orders and trying to fill them. I was planning on doing most of my sewing yesterday when I was off, but instead I needed rest.  You can never be fully prepared for any setback life gives you.
    On the bright side of things I did manage to go fabric shopping last weekend (before I was stuck in bed).  I must say while laying in bed, has become a good friend of mine.  Why am I just rediscovering that site?  I honestly forgot how awesome it is.  Anyway, here is how my fun afternoon went.

 1. Coffee, I must be energized and alert for a mission like this.
 2.  I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and my coffee on my ride home.
3.  I had to make a stop at home to feed and take care of my little Sophie.
 4.  Go shopping at one of the most miserable fabric stores on all of planet earth.  This particular Joann's Fabric store is known to have terrible customer service, and yes I will openly say that on the internet.  I must say I did have a pleasant visit this time, which is really rare.  Perhaps I am just getting use to their abuse.
-I also fell in love with this fabric below, I think it is different from what they usually carry and would make something so pretty.  I did not purchase it though because I know it will be there when I go back, also I was on a mission for certain fabrics for the orders.

 5.  I went with the fabric below on the left, it is the perfect blend between ivory and cream. 
 6.  I had to lay them out in my shopping cart to get an idea of the color combinations.  It looks better in my head than in this picture, I promise.
 7. Last but not least, it was time for bed.  I love carrying my little dog upstairs to go to bed, she always is focused on looking at the top of the stairs, so cute.  Yes, I know I do take to many pictures of my dog.

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