Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Weekend/ Fashion Week 2012 Rag & Bone

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I am so excited to say I am off tomorrow, which is unheard of on a Sunday at my job.  I have not been off on a Sunday since a very long time.  I plan to drink coffee, cuddle with my dog, finish homework, and live tonight and tomorrow to the fullest.  What are your plans?  
-I got a head start on the cuddling with my doggie earlier today.
     As for fashion week this fall 2012 is offering up beige or even dark golden beiges, red, dark blue-greens, and blacks mixed with beige, greens and reds.  Several of the lines have structured line in an almost thin striped color block, which forms squares or just simple diagonal lines.  Many lines also have a lace printed fabric, or lace itself.  While this season seems a bit subdued in styling and some designs from just a short look, yet bold prints add some flair to the lines.  I have to admit I am not that impressed with any one line just yet.  I hope some flavor comes to this seasons slightly lack luster colors and structure.  Here are some pictures from the Rag & Bone line which has the most pizazz.  For the best up to date coverage go to

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